Mythology Collection of Short Stories

Monthly class on a Saturday morning at Damn Fine Bookstore Lyon 7

This year you'll imagine, write and read your own mythology short story!


Love, power, manipulation, self-quest, magic, sisterhood… Greek mythology is full of myths and legends around womens, each more inspiring than the last. Modern rewritings of these myths have democratized the story of these forgotten womens, yet one story has not yet been told: yours.

One Saturday morning a month, we meet at Damn Fine Bookstore to discuss a particular part of our collection and then write and explore our personal short story!

From October to June, take advantage of these monthly writing sessions to acquire the methodology for writing a short story (creation of characters, choice of theme, creation of the plan, etc.)

In mid-June, receive the paperback collection of Short Stories and take part in the reading evening at Damn Fine Bookstore!

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Fantasy, Romance, Thriller… No matter your genre, your level or your writing style, you are welcome in the creation of this collection! The only watchword being the following: Womens in Greek mythology !

Each of our meetings will allow us to deepen our mythological theme thanks to exclusive exercises and examples. Then, thanks to feedback from individual readings, we will be able to continue our writing and perfect our short story.

A big thank you to Fiona from Damn Fine Bookstore for her welcome!

Classroom organization & content :

  • Schedule: Mid-October 2024 to June 2025 
  • Classes start on October 12, 2024 (see schedule at bottom of page)
  • One Saturday morning per month from 10:30am to 12:30pm
  • Writing classes at Damn Fine Bookstore (Lyon 7)
  • Group of 6 writers maximum 
  • Just like the writing workshops, this class will be conducted in oral French but the exercises and short stories will be in English. You will have the opportunity to write in French and have your text translated into English for the collection.
  • 10 writing courses per year
  • 20h / year
  • Exclusive course content + individual & personalized reading feedback according to each person’s short story.
  • 1 paperback collection printed and distributed in June 2025
  • An evening reading and presentation of the group collection open to the public in June 2025 at DamnFine Bookstore.

Registration & Fees :

How do I register for the annual “Mythology collection of short stories class? »

1 – Contact La Floraison Littéraire by e-mail, tchat, or via the contact form if you have any questions.

2 – Attend the free information meeting on September 14 at DamnFine Bookstore to find out more about the writing class and make sure it’s right for you! It’s as simple as selecting the meeting below and registering as you would for a traditional workshop. The meeting is completely free and without obligation!

3 – Following the meeting, if you wish to register for the Writing Class, return the registration form given to you at the end of the information meetings before September 30.

You’ll receive confirmation of your enrolment and a class schedule once you’ve completed your registration, subject to availability. If you are unable to attend the information meetings but would still like more information about the class, please contact me.

Annual Class Rates?

Several payment methods are possible.

The overall annual price of the class (including the 10 course sessions + the printing of the collection at the end of the year + the reading evening in June!) is 265 euros.

Or 26.50 euros per monthly session.

Payment methods:

You can pay for the entire annual class at once when you register.
You can pay per semester, i.e. 132.50 euros upon registration then 132.50 euros six months later.
You can pay your registration quarterly, i.e. 88.33 euros when you register and then during the following two quarters.

Payment facilities can be put in place. Contact me for more information.

Your payment method will be indicated on the registration form.

To thank Fiona for her welcome at DamnFine Bookstore, you will be asked for a drink of your choice during our meetings.

Calendar :

Le Cahier d’écriture La Floraison Littéraire ! (2)

Who is La Floraison Littéraire ?

For two years now, I’ve been helping a dozen people a month with their writing projects. Whether it’s a novel project, a short story or a collection of poetry, I’m committed to helping every adult experience the magic of writing!

As a writing teacher for teenagers and adults on a weekly and monthly basis, I have enriched my literary approach thanks to several training courses with Tiffany Yates Martin – American editor.

My aim is to make writing accessible to everyone! Every writing project deserves to be heard and experienced. I know how frightening it can be to embark on this impalpable inspirational urge, La Floraison Littéraire allows you to reconnect with writing without any pressure whatsoever!

Since its creation, dozens of participants and various organizations have put their trust in my work.


Some of the bookstore partners who have put their trust in La Floraison Littéraire to bring writing into the midst of books:

Frequently asked questions :

The monthly Collection of short stories class is open to anyone who wants to take part in the creation of the collection, while combining literary theory to imagine, write and finalize their own short story, whatever their level of writing. Of course, you don’t need to have already written a project of this kind to sign up.

This monthly class meets a number of objectives: successfully building a writing project around a specific theme, discovering and learning how to write a short story, and creating characters and a plot. Then, enter the publishing world by correcting and laying out your own short story. Finally, thanks to our printed collection, present and read your work at the DamnFine Bookstore reading party in June 2025.

Of course! The goal of this class is to allow you to learn while enjoying writing whatever your level! Concerning the general theme of womens in Greek mythology, our meetings are there to deepen your knowledge on this subject and make you want to explore the theme in more depth!

We all have a busy schedule, if you are unavailable for one session or more, the content of our monthly session will be sent to you by email and we will organize you and I, a video or telephone call so that you can benefit from my feedback reading before the next session.

Yes, at the end of the year you will be able to specify the number of copies of the collection you want if you want to offer some or keep some for yourself. The price of your registration includes one copy only.

Obviously! You can read Medusa by Jessie Burton, Galatea, Circe or the Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller or even A Thousand Ships by Nathalie Haynes!

If you are not available for the information meeting or you are sure you want to register directly for the annual class, you can contact me to ask for the registration form. We will discuss individually to be sure that this class will suit you!

Without problem, you can participate in both information meetings by registering for each individually. You will find all the information necessary for this second class right here.

A question ? Let me Know!


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